Music Monday 9.15.14

“139” by Gateway Worship

I first heard this song a couple years ago when I was in a service at Gateway Church. David Moore, who wrote the song, and his wife Aleena were leading worship for that specific service. Obviously music is very important to me; it’s an epic force, it speaks to me and often times it overwhelms me. This is one of those songs that easily overtook my emotions. The text is based on Psalm 139 which is ascribed to David(biblical king, not current worship leader). The whole chapter is this marvelous reassurance of how well it is that God knows us and yet still loves us. Everywhere we go, He is with us, watches over us, and leads us in His path if only we ask.

The chorus is my favorite part of the song. It paints a beautiful picture of the redeeming love that we have in Christ.

Where can I run from Your love?
You searched me and know all my heart
If I climb to heights You’ll be there
If I make my bed in Hell
You’ll lead me home


I’ve created a playlist on Spotify featuring all the songs from Music Monday, feel free to follow it along with the posts.


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